Introduction to Implant Dentistry - The Fundamentals

Day 1 Lecture and

Day 2 Hands-on Workshop using Pig's Jaws

Auckland, 12th - 13th May 2023

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Day 1 Lecture and
Day 2 Hands-on Workshop using Pig's Jaws
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Day 1 Lecture Outline:

Understand the fundamentals of safe surgery and implantology.

Become familiar with surgical anatomy, surgical techniques, equipment required, and using CBCT software to plan implant surgery.

Learn about patient selection, radiographic evaluation and understand which cases are appropriate to tackle and which cases are best to refer.

Learn about the concept of prosthetically digitally-driven implant planning to ensure the proper position and orientation of each implant fixture for the ideal restoration.

Understand osseointegration, wound healing, flap design, and suturing techniques.

Be comfortable with discussing implant surgery with patients and comfortable with discussions of postoperative management.

Dr Ahmad Al-Hassiny shares his case presentations.

Day 2 Hands-On Workshop Outline:

How to tackle implant surgery safely

Learn the fundamentals of flap design

Struggling with which equipment to buy?

Learn the right armamentarium you need for implant surgery.

Understand osteotomy, implant burs and components using a Biohorizons surgical kit to carry out and place an implant.

Learn how to properly suture and control soft tissue in implant surgery.

Practice socket augmentation and placing membranes.

Use bone graft materials and membranes and practice these techniques.

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